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Dry Eye Treatment in Orange County – Restasis, BioTears, Punctual Plugs
Serving Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Seal Beach

Clarity Eye Group’s experienced eye care professionals specialize in a variety of procedures ranging from cataract surgery and LASIK to pterygium removal and pink eye treatment. They also have extensive experience helping dry eyes Orange County patients relieve the symptoms of this condition. At Clarity Eye Group, individuals suffering from dry eyes can receive prescriptions for the latest, most effective dry eye drops, such as Restasis and BioTears, as well as undergo the procedure of punctual plug placement. Please read on to learn more about treatment of dry eye in Orange County.

Dry Eye: What Is It?

The eye depends on an intricate balance of fluids to maintain the necessary level of moisture and lubrication. Tears are a combination of water, for moisture; oils, for lubrication; mucus, for even spreading; and antibodies and special proteins, for resistance to infection. Therefore, when there is an imbalance in the tear system, a person may experience dry eyes.

People with dry eyes may experience pain, sensitivity to light, a gritty or abrasive sensation in the eye, a feeling that sand or some other foreign object is in the eye, itching, redness, and blurred vision.

The fact that a person diagnosed with dry eye may have excess tears running down their cheeks is a bit confusing for some Orange County dry eye patients. Some people wonder, how can a dry eye be so wet? But since the excess tears are essentially an emergency reaction from the body trying to compensate for the lack of tears in the eyes, the reinforcements often arrive too late, after damage to the dry eye has already occurred. Also, since the emergency tears are comprised of those types of tears meant to wash away debris, they lack the lubricating qualities provided by other types of tears and therefore fail to sufficiently coat the eye’s surface.

Dry Eye Treatment in Orange County

Excessively dry eyes can be treated with over-the-counter and prescription eye drops. Over-the-counter drops are effective at relieving dry eye because they are composed of chemical solutions that are very similar to those found in natural tears. However, they last for a very short time compared to prescription drops, and must be re-administered at least four times a day.

Prescription eye drops such as Restasis® and BioTears work to promote the eye’s ability to produce tears, reduce inflammation of the eye, and nourish various structures responsible for lubricating the eye.

Punctual plugs can also be used to slow down or prevent the drainage of natural tears from the eye. The plugs are placed in the lacrimal puncta in the eyelids. To determine the best dry eye treatment for you, contact the experienced Orange County dry eye specialists at Clarity Eye Group today.

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