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Orange County Excessive Tearing Specialists – Clarity Eye Group
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Although tearing is a normal function of the eye to keep the eyes moisturized and lubricated, too many tears can be a sign of a malfunction in the tearing ducts. The condition of having excessive tears in the eyes, also referred to as epiphora, is most often caused by dry eye syndrome, where there may be adequate tear production, but the quality of the tears is lacking oil or mucus so that tears do not coat the ocular surface adequately. A slightly less common, but still frequent, cause of excessive tears is obstruction of the tear duct. Both conditions are most common in the middle-aged and elderly.

While it may seem unusual to hear that dry eye syndrome can result in excessive wet tears, it may help to think of the excessive tears as an over-reaction by the body to rid what is perceived as a threat to the eyes, thus flooding the dry eyes with tears designed to flush the threat away.

Tearing Treatment in Orange County

In order to treat excessively watery eyes, an ophthalmologist will determine if there is a blockage in the tear duct. If there is a blockage, the ophthalmologist can work the blockage loose with a light massage along the side of the eye. If the blockage still persists, a small wire can be used to force the blockage loose. Both are painless procedures.

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