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Orange County Diabetic Eye Disease Specialists – Clarity Eye Group
Serving Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Westminster

Clarity Eye Group is home to some of the best Orange County diabetic eye disease specialists. The talented eye surgeons at Clarity Eye Group have years of experience diagnosing and treating diabetic retinopathy. Their reputation for excellence attracts numerous patients from throughout Orange County, including Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Fountain Valley and Westminster. Please read on to learn more about diabetic eye disease and treatments offered at Clarity Eye Group’s offices.

Diabetic Retinopathy: What Is It?

Diabetes is a disease in which the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin for the body or process it properly. Individuals who have diabetes are more likely to develop cataracts, glaucoma and other eye conditions. However, they are also at an increased chance of suffering damage to the retina, which, if left untreated, can progress into severe vision loss or even blindness.

Diabetic retinopathy is a degenerative eye disease that affects the circulatory system of the retina and can lead to severe vision loss or blindness. The disease occurs in stages over the course of approximately 20 years. In the first stage, called background diabetic retinopathy, retinal arteries become weak and form hemorrhages, leading to swelling, or macular edema. In the next stage, called proliferative diabetic retinopathy, areas of the retina become oxygen-deprived because of poor circulation. Because of this, new, weak blood vessels develop to maintain oxygen levels. But because the blood vessels are weak, they hemorrhage easily and leak, causing flashes and floaters as well as decreased vision. If left untreated, continued leaking blood vessels and scar tissue can cause glaucoma and retinal detachment.

Symptoms of diabetic retinopathy, which may not appear until the disease has become advanced, frequently include seeing flashes and floaters in the field of vision, experiencing spotty, blurry or hazy vision and having difficulty reading or seeing close up.

The disease is primarily caused by diabetes and can affect anyone with type I or type II diabetes. Pregnant women with diabetes are particularly susceptible to diabetic retinopathy and are therefore advised to have their vision checked every trimester during their pregnancy.

Laser Photocoagulation in Orange County

The best available treatment for diabetic retinopathy is laser photocoagulation. During laser photocoagulation procedure, a laser is used to seal off damaged abnormal blood vessels to keep them from leaking. This treatment is effective in preventing further deterioration of the retina in most of Clarity Eye Group’s Orange County diabetic retinopathy patients.

Clarity Eye Group
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