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Clarity Eye Group’s state-of-the-art offices are home to some of the best surgeons performing cataract surgery in Orange County / Huntington Beach. In addition to offering cataracts surgery with premium IOLs, such as Crystalens, ReStor and Tecnis Multifocal, these surgeons specialize in treating a variety of eyelid conditions. Some of the patients they treat more often include individuals suffering from ectropion, entropion and eyelid rosacea.

In cases where Clarity Eye Group’s surgeons suspect a growth in the eyelid may be cancerous, a biopsy of the removed tissue may be in order. Under closer examination in a laboratory, the removed eyelid tissue can be determined to be either cancerous or benign. If you have noticed a growth on your eyelid(s), please contact Clarity Eye Group today to schedule a consultation with one of our highly experienced eye surgeons.

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19671 Beach Blvd. Suite 400 Huntington Beach, California 92648