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Our team of board-certified ophthalmologists and optometrists at Clarity Eye Group provides high-quality care in a welcoming environment for the whole family. Whether you are interested in LASIK, restoring vision with cataract surgery or looking for more fashionable prescription glasses, we offer full eye care services. Our ophthalmologists have extensive experience with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of eye conditions and correcting vision. 

The high-quality medical and surgical care at Clarity Eye Group makes our office a premier facility for vision and ocular health in the area. We focus on providing personalized attention and use the latest technologies to improve or restore your eyesight. Your comfort and answering your questions are our top priorities as we develop a customized approach for the best eye care possible using state-of-the-art equipment.


Laser vision correction with LASIK is a safe, effective way to achieve 20/20 vision or better. Our board-certified ophthalmologists perform LASIK by creating a tiny flap on the eye’s surface using a precise laser instrument. The surgeon pulls back the flap to reveal the cornea, and a computer-guided excimer laser uses cool beam UV light to reshape the corneal tissue. The flap is repositioned, and the entire procedure takes around 15 minutes.

LASIK corrects for farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism and has helped tens of millions reach perfect eyesight.


The natural eye lens works like a camera to focus light onto the retina, but as you get older, proteins may clump together to form a cataract, clouding the lens like a dirty window. Your vision becomes foggy and worsens until severe vision loss or blindness occurs. Cataract surgery removes the natural eye lens and replaces it with an intraocular lens implant (IOL). We offer premium IOLs that not only restore clear vision but improve eyesight affected by nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.

Our ophthalmologists perform cataract surgery by removing just the lens or both the lens and the sac containing it. Clarity Eye Group uses a no-blade approach thanks to the femtosecond laser, which increases precision, reduces recovery time and offers better results than the traditional method that relies on the surgeon’s skill. The ORA System technology identifies the correct IOL power and placement for the best cataract surgery results without the need for glasses.


Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness due to increased pressure in the eye that damages the optic nerve. Our ophthalmologists can diagnose glaucoma during a dilated eye exam, and many patients experience little to no symptoms until their vision is impaired. The intraocular pressure caused by glaucoma happens because of improper drainage. That happens when the opening between the iris and cornea is too small, or fluid drains too slowly through the space. 

Glaucoma treatments can’t cure the condition, but they may slow or stop its progression. Clarity Eye Group offers medications and procedures, including trabeculoplasty and iridotomy, to improve symptoms and decrease the pressure in the eye to prevent further vision loss. 


Eyelid surgery is often a cosmetic procedure but could be medically necessary if drooping eyelids affect your eyesight. Blepharoplasty improves puffiness, sagging and drooping in the upper and lower eyelids. The surgery removes excess skin tissue, tightens weakened muscles and repositions bulging fat pockets. Eyelid drooping can make you appear tired, sad and older than your age. Our ophthalmologists perform no-stitch eyelid surgery for natural results using TISSEEL glue. The specialized adhesive uses proteins found in the blood that clot and seal the tissues together. 

Boutique Optical Shop

Our highly skilled optometrists can fit you for functional eyewear that works with your lifestyle. From sporty to sophisticated, our boutique optical shop provides frames for any look. We offer complimentary frame adjustments and lens cleaning and accept various insurance plans for vision. No matter your unique refractions, we can fit you with contact lenses or prescription glasses for excellent eyesight that is comfortable and fashionable. 


Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) 

Refractive lens exchange works in the same way as cataract surgery. In this procedure, the natural lens removed and replaced with an IOL is clear, not cloudy. This vision correction option is typically good for people who don’t qualify for LASIK or PRK due to extreme farsightedness or presbyopia. Presbyopia is the age-related loss of near vision that requires reading glasses for adults 40 and older. The sharper focus achieved with Premium IOLs can reduce or eliminate the need for bifocals or reading glasses. 

The experienced team at Clarity Eye Group offers full-service eye care to make sure your eyes are healthy with the best vision possible. Our office space was designed by an ophthalmic architect with a Boutique Optical Shop and LASIK suite. Our surgical facility offers complete ophthalmology services to patients in the area for individualized treatment. 

Our dedicated staff wants you to have a positive experience during every visit. If you are experiencing vision changes, interested in laser vision correction or an annual eye exam, our ophthalmologists can help. Visit Clarity Eye Group to experience our friendly atmosphere and exceptional eye care. 

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