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The doctors and staff at Clarity Eye Group are committed to improving the lives of our Huntington Beach / Orange County cataracts, Visian ICLs, refractive surgery, glaucoma surgery and other eye care treatment patients through high-quality medical and surgical eye care and personalized attention. Our medical team has performed more than 40,000 laser vision correction procedures combined. Our experience, compassion, and dedication to patients have earned us the trust and esteem of residents throughout Orange County, including Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Fountain Valley and Costa Mesa. Our patients are satisfied with the outstanding level of service they received at our practice, and some have even invited their loved ones to share in the same experience.


Please read some testimonials we received from many of our satisfied patients.



I had worn a contact lens in my right eye for years. Mono-vision for distance. The contact bothered me a lot, and I was always putting in tears and new lenses before the 2 weeks were up. I had LASIK surgery with Dr. Fahd and I am so happy! It was so easy! At my 1 week appointment I was seeing 20/20. He and his assistant Kim treated me like a queen! No one I know will ever go anywhere else! Everyone in the office is very welcoming and caring. My only regret is not having this done sooner. –A. Prevost



Dr. Fahd and Kim have been awesome during this whole experience. I really felt like my health and safety were their main concern. I feel like this is not always the case these days when it comes to western medicine. Dr. Fahd took extra steps to make sure I was ready immediately before the procedure. I was a perfect candidate for the surgery plus, BEST OF ALL, I now have “superhero” vision! It’s amazing and a whole new world. Thank you Dr. Fahd and Kim!
– A. Johnson



This is to thank Dr. Karageozian for all of your professionalism and help I received during my Cataract surgery. When I first visited your office I was “blind as a bat”. After my Cataract surgery, along with the graciousness of Tracy and your staff, I took the eye test for the DMV license and red the eye chart all the way to the bottom line! You performed a miracle and I am most grateful.
–M. Whitehead



I am 100% satisfied with the outcome of my procedure. Dr. Fahd and Kim went above and beyond to be sure I was comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. They talked me through it step by step, and the surgery was quick and painless. I am so happy I chose Clarity Eye Group and Dr. Fahd to have this done. I would recommend him to anyone! I now have perfect vision!
– J. Afable



It’s Magic! The best thing I have ever done! The LASIK procedure is fast, unpainful and the results were immediate. It’s really strange just how fast the results are. Dr. Fahd really knows what he is doing. He and Kimmery really take care of their patients. Thank you both again!
-R. Carlton



I had a wonderful experience having my surgery done at the Clarity Eye group by Dr. Fahd. The environment is welcoming. Dr. Fahd is genuine and warm. Kimmery is very calming and reassuring regarding any fears you may have. The surgery was fast and pain free. I have my near vision back and can see 20/20 again. I would recommend Dr. Fahd for any eye surgery.
– D. Wood



I was very well informed and very well taken care of for my LASIK procedure. It only took minutes, a little scary, but well worth the results. My follow-up appointments were short and sweet. The staff are very easy to work with, answered all of my questions with a smile. I would recommend this procedure and Dr. Fahd to anyone and everyone interested in the LASIK procedure.
–W. Werlinger



Dr. Fahd is the BEST!!! Not only is he meticulous and careful, but he is also patient and very nice. Never having worn glasses or contacts before, I was VERY apprehensive about having surgery done on my eyes. Dr. Fahd and his assistant Kimmery put me at complete ease by describing the procedure in detail and answering every one of my questions. The LASIK operation took just a few minutes per eye, was completely painless, and went very smoothly. I am glad I decided to take the next day off to get used to my 20/20 vision! LASIK is absolutely life changing, and I am very grateful that the highly experienced team of Dr. Fahd and Kimmery did the work. I only regret waiting so long to have this done.
– J. Myer



It’s a rare occasion that I am at a loss for words, but words cannot express my thanks to Dr. Kaplan for giving me “new eyes” You have a gift and I can’t thank you enough for sharing that gift with me. Your personal attention made the experience exciting rather than frightening. I never worried if I had made the right choice. The pre-exam and post exam were both very thorough and comforting. Thank you for your professionalism, your teams gracious manner during the procedure and office visits, and your tender care the day of my surgery. Thank you and the staff of Clarity Eye Group for the gift of improved sight. God Bless you.
– E. Mangold

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