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Clarity Eye Group is home to some of the best Orange County cataract surgery experts specializing in the latest surgical techniques, such as phacoemulsification and limbal relaxing incision. Often performed as part of cataract surgery, limbal relaxing incision allows Clarity Eye Group’s surgeons to effectively correct for astigmatism. In fact, eye care professionals of Clarity Eye Group are renowned as some of the best Orange County astigmatism correction experts who have helped thousands of patients from throughout Orange County, including Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Fountain Valley, both eliminate cataracts and correct astigmatism.

Limbal Relaxing Incision: What Is It?

Limbal relaxing incisions are a surgical technique commonly used to treat astigmatism, a condition which occurs when the cornea, the clear outer surface of the eye, is misshapen and does not allow the eye to focus properly. A cornea with astigmatism can best be described as being shaped like a football, bulging in the middle and tapered to a point on the ends, rather than the basketball-like shape of a perfectly healthy cornea. Limbal relaxing incisions are made around the edges of the misshapen cornea, allowing our Orange County astigmatism correction specialists to flex and reshape the cornea, rounding the tissue and thus improving vision.

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