LASIK eye surgery can change your life, giving you a new outlook with clear, crisp vision. However, the LASIK surgeon you choose could mean the difference between enjoying 20/20 eyesight or struggling with complications. Clarity Eye Group has helped patients achieve better vision for over 40 years and offers Custom LASIK for optimal visual outcomes. Our board-certified ophthalmologists are dedicated to patient comfort and education and use state-of-the-art equipment and technology. 

If you’re looking into LASIK, research providers in your area and schedule consultations with a few LASIK surgeons to pick the one that feels right to you. Our ophthalmologists suggest watching for these red flags during your consultation. 

1. They Are Not Board-Certified 

The American Board of Ophthalmology offers a certification for eye doctors who complete additional training and exams and attend annual continuing medical education (CME) courses within their specialty. Make sure your LASIK surgeon has this qualification and extensive experience with laser vision correction. 

Your LASIK surgeon should never pressure you into choosing their office or recommended procedure on the spot. Laser eye surgery is a big decision that requires understanding the benefits and risks. 

2. They Promise You Perfect Vision 

While most LASIK patients achieve excellent vision, your LASIK surgeon should not promise or guarantee 20/20 or better eyesight. A physician should never gloss over the risks of a procedure or make promises for perfect results because no surgery is risk-free. A reputable LASIK surgeon should explain the procedure, evaluate your candidacy, and discuss your potential results along with complications. That way, you can make an informed decision about LASIK and trust that the ophthalmologist has your best interests in mind. 

3. Their Price Is Far Lower Than Competitors’ 

A low-price LASIK procedure may cost you in other ways. LASIK prices should be competitive in your area and are set based on the surgeon’s skill and experience and the laser technology used to correct your vision. Cheap LASIK is a red flag because the eye surgeon may not have much experience with laser vision correction or rely on outdated technology that offers lower-quality visual outcomes. Ask the surgeon what type of technology they are using because new lasers provide significantly better results than previous models. 

Rock-bottom LASIK prices may leave you paying more than you realize because some eye surgeons do not include the cost of the consultation, eye exam and testing, post-op prescriptions, and follow-up visits. The low-ball price tag won’t include LASIK enhancements or touch-ups if you need a second procedure and may have restrictions for refractive errors. Remember, you get what you pay for, and your vision is priceless. 

Clarity Eye Group takes pride in offering Custom LASIK with advanced laser technology in a welcoming environment. Our board-certified ophthalmologists will evaluate your visual acuity and discuss your laser vision correction options during your LASIK consultation. 

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