Poor vision is something you notice every morning when you wake up. You’re reminded of your refractive errors each time you place a contact lens backward in your eye or your glasses fog up when you exit a cold room into the heat. Vision imperfections may not impact your everyday mood, but they cause daily inconveniences and prevent you from exploring certain activities. LASIK laser vision correction not only offers freedom from contact lenses and glasses; it can also improve your mood and your quality of life.

From saving you money to raising your self-confidence, LASIK offers several mood-boosting benefits, including:

Enjoy More Sports and Activities

Wearing contact lenses or glasses may complicate or prevent you from enjoying activities. It’s challenging to enjoy a casual swim when chlorine irritates your contacts, or you must keep your prescription goggles on until you’re finished swimming. Mountain biking and skiing both pose issues for those who rely on contacts and glasses. LASIK eliminates these concerns. You can swim, bike, ski and even mountain climb without a second thought — and enjoy the boost in your mood that comes with exercise.  

Reveal Your True Self

Looking in the mirror after LASIK recovery may surprise you if you’ve worn glasses for years, maybe decades. Frames no longer hide your face, and people will see the real you. You can enjoy every moment of the day with sharp vision, and women may apply makeup differently to accentuate their eyes. Studies show people who have laser vision correction experience increased confidence when they no longer view their environment through contact lenses or glasses.

Build Your Career

Certain professions are off-limits when you have poor vision. Pilots, firefighters, police officers and other professionals face eyesight-related stipulations before going through training. You can read more than fine print and see long distances when you have LASIK. You can build your dream career. A 2009 study found that people who had laser vision correction reported higher productivity and better relationships.

Live Independently

Dependence on corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses becomes a daily habit. The first thing you do in the morning is reach for your contact or glasses case. They’re on your packing list every time you travel, lest you find yourself running to the store or hoping your friend or a family member has contact solution for you. Those thoughts will never cross your mind after LASIK.

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