Imagine saying goodbye to glasses or contact lenses, at least 90 percent of the time. That is one advantage of the new PanOptix lens for cataract patients. Eye surgeons from the Clarity Eye Group discuss this revolutionary new product by AcrySoft IQ, and its many other benefits. 

PanOptix Lens

The new PanOptix lens is the first tri-focal intraocular lens (IOL), and it allows clear vision whether at near, far, or intermediate distances for cataract patients after surgery. This IOL has been dubbed “The Next Generation Trifocal” due to this corrective ability. 

PanOptix Benefits

After PanOptix surgery, you may not need to wear glasses or contact lenses again. While much depends on the individual, many people find that they no longer need to wear any type of corrective devices on a regular basis. You may still need glasses if reading fine or small print, but that might be all. 

For near vision, PanOptix permits patients to read a book, use their smartphone, or even sew without the need for glasses. The same holds true for far vision activities such as watching TV, driving or attending plays, concerts, or sports events. In the realm of intermediate vision, you should no longer have an issue seeing clearly while on your computer, playing board games or looking into the mirror to shave or apply makeup. 

When driving or otherwise outdoors, you will no longer have the need for prescription sunglasses. Over-the-counter sunglasses should work just fine for eye protection in sunlight. 

PanOptix Recovery

After surgery, you might notice halos around lights or bright light glare. This is normal, and should disappear within a week or so. Basically, it takes several days for the brain to adapt to changes in vision, but it will. Some people may find the halos or glare annoying while they last, while others hardly notice them. Of course, if you suffered from cataracts, you may have already been dealing with such glare, as these are common symptoms. Now you know the glare will soon go away. 

Most people find that their vision is good near, far and intermediately within a week or two of the operation, but it may take a bit longer for some people to experience the full effect. The good news is that your vision is unlikely to change in the years post-surgery, although you should continue to have annual eye examinations.

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