Don’t spend 2024 wearing prescription eyeglasses that scratch, fog, and slip off your face, or contacts that irritate and dry out your eyes. LASIK eye surgery can give you visual freedom in the New Year. Our experienced eye surgeons at Clarity Eye Group can reduce or eliminate your need for corrective eyewear with LASIK in Huntington Beach at our state-of-the-art facility.

LASIK Offers Permanent Vision Correction

Laser eye surgery with LASIK permanently changes the shape of the clear outer dome of your eye (cornea) to address unique abnormalities causing your refractive errors. These measurements are based on extensive testing during your pre-LASIK eye exam. LASIK results don’t “wear off,” because the cornea is permanently reshaped. Our eye doctors offer Custom LASIK for fine-tuned results that correct for higher-order aberrations, such as glare or halos around lights.

LASIK results are permanent, allowing you to live without the burdens of glasses and contacts for decades. However, it is possible to develop new refractive errors due to hormonal fluctuations or hardening of the eye lens (presbyopia). New refractive errors may also occur if your eyes don’t reach visual maturity before your LASIK procedure. That’s why eye doctors recommend waiting for LASIK until your vision is stable for one to two years.

LASIK Is More Affordable Than You Realize

The cost of LASIK is more affordable than when the technology was first introduced. While lasers have advanced considerably in the last few decades, the associated costs have decreased. Additionally, many practices, including Clarity Eye Group, offer financing options. Some vision insurance policies may even cover a percentage of the LASIK procedure. LASIK is much more affordable when you compare the one-time surgery expense to the lifetime costs of contact lenses, glasses, lens solutions, and annual eye exams.

LASIK Is Relatively Quick and Painless

LASIK eye surgery takes just five to ten minutes per eye with about 20-60 seconds of laser energy. It’s an outpatient procedure, and most patients return home a few hours after surgery. Most patients report feeling slight pressure when the LASIK flap is created because numbing eye drops provide optimal comfort. LASIK recovery is quick; many patients can resume working after one or two days with stable, clear vision.

Make 2023 the last year you spend wearing corrective eyewear. Enjoy better vision in the New Year with LASIK.

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