The year 2020 was filled with questions and uncertainties. But the beginning of a new year signals a fresh start, and one thing is completely clear: there has never been a better time to undergo LASIK with the team at Clarity Eye Group. If you are on the fence about the surgery, here are five reasons to consider getting LASIK in 2021.

Visual Freedom for Life’s Simplest Pleasures and Greatest Adventures

Thanks to the advanced technology our surgeons use, many of our LASIK patients tell us they are able to see more clearly after surgery than they ever could with glasses or contact lenses.

Imagine being able to capture every detail of your day with high-definition vision. From waking up in the morning with your loved one to enjoying a gorgeous vista on a hiking trip, LASIK will enable you to see clearly all the time, in any type of weather or lighting condition.

No More Foggy Glasses

Although face masks are believed to slow the spread of COVID-19, masks and glasses don’t mix. If you rely on glasses to see well, you are probably frustrated by your glasses getting fogged up from your warm breath hitting the cool lenses. Foggy glasses can even be dangerous for some tasks, such as walking down a flight of stairs or driving. Say goodbye to the frustration of foggy glasses with LASIK.

Touch Your Eyes Less

Perhaps contacts, not glasses, are your preferred method of vision correction. Contact lenses themselves do not increase the risk of getting an infection, but touching your eyes can. At a time when touching your face is highly discouraged to avoid transmitting germs to your eyes, nose and mouth, LASIK will help you touch your eyes less, thereby lowering your risk of contact lens-related infections.

Save Money

Even if LASIK makes your life easier and more convenient, can you justify the cost? Absolutely! You are probably spending a lot of money on quality frames, lenses, contacts and appointments to keep your prescription up to date. LASIK offers considerable savings over the repeated costs of glasses and contacts. In the long run, the one-time cost of LASIK ends up being cheaper than corrective eyewear costs.

Schedule an Informational LASIK Consultation

The first step toward clearer vision without glasses or contacts is to meet with a member of the Clarity Eye Group LASIK team for an evaluation. To request your appointment, please reach out to our practice by phone or email today.