LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a laser eye surgery procedure that can dramatically reduce a person’s dependency on contact lenses or eyeglasses. An important part of the procedure is creating a corneal flap. Here, the team at Clarity Eye Group explains what you should know about corneal flaps. 

What Is a Corneal Flap?

The cornea is the clear, front part of the eye that covers the iris and the pupil. It allows light to enter the eye.

A corneal flap is created during LASIK. During the procedure, the eye surgeon uses a precise laser instrument to create a tiny corneal flap on the eye’s surface. The surgeon then pulls back the flap to expose the underlying corneal tissue. This is similar to opening the cover of a book.

A laser is then used to reshape the cornea gently and precisely. By reshaping the corneal tissue, the surgeon is able to improve the patient’s vision. Once the cornea is reshaped, the corneal flap is laid back in place (like closing the cover of a book).

Is It Cause for Worry?

The only time that you should have a corneal flap is during LASIK surgery. If you are undergoing LASIK surgery and have a corneal flap, then it is no cause for worry. The risk of corneal flap complications is low when an experienced eye surgeon performs the procedure. The corneal flap will be closed and should heal on its own without sutures.

Other Options

If you are worried about a corneal flap, then you may want to explore other vision correction options. Two vision correction options that you are probably aware of are contact lenses and eyeglasses. Both options can correct your vision without the need for a corneal flap. However, there are drawbacks and inconveniences associated with relying on corrective eyewear.

If you are still interested in surgical options, then you may want to ask your ophthalmologist about photorefractive keratectomy (PRK). PRK is another type of surgical procedure that can correct your vision without a corneal flap. During the procedure, the outermost layer of corneal tissue is completely removed, and a laser is used to change the shape of the underlying tissue, resulting in clearer vision.

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