LASIK remains a popular procedure due to its ability to correct a variety of vision issues, including astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. At Clarity Eye Group, our goal is to not only dramatically improve our patients’ vision with refractive surgery, but also to help them feel comfortable and informed through every step of the process. Here, our doctors explain what you can expect on the day you undergo LASIK surgery — before, during and after the procedure. 

Before LASIK

Unlike some surgeries, there is no need to fast ahead of LASIK, so eat as you normally would and come in with a full stomach. We suggest you drink plenty of water ahead of time, as well, since being hydrated can help accelerate the healing process.

Put on something soft and unrestricting like a hoodie or leisure wear. Because you will be spending most of the day resting, you might as well be comfortable. You will also need to remove any makeup and lotion from your face as these could lead to an infection if they were to accidentally get into your eye while you are healing.

During LASIK

LASIK is a quicker procedure than you might imagine, usually lasting a matter of minutes rather than hours. Our team will ask you to get in a reclining position and put numbing drops in your eye to reduce potential pain. 

The doctor will use a laser or small blade to create a tiny flap along the front of your eye. After peeling back the flap, the doctor will use the laser to reshape the cornea for better vision. This flap will be put back into place after the reshaping is complete. If you are scheduled to have LASIK performed on both of your eyes, this process will then be repeated for the other eye.

You will need to keep your eyes open during the surgery, but do not panic about accidentally blinking as LASIK technology tracks your eye movements and will immediately stop the laser from causing any damage should your eye suddenly close.


Your sight will be temporarily worse before it gets better. Count on having blurry vision and light sensitivity for several hours before the clarity gradually improves. Due to this decreased vision, you will be unable to drive yourself from our office, so have a loved one or car service take you home.

Allow yourself to relax in the hours following LASIK. Many patients feel tired enough to nap, which is a good way to rest your eyes. Just remember to sleep on your back to better protect your eyes from debris, and wear an eye shield so you don’t rub or scratch your eyes while you sleep. 

As far as pain goes, most patients do not experience lingering discomfort. For the minority that do feel some pain, this discomfort is generally manageable with an over-the-counter painkiller like Aleve or aspirin.

Ask Our Doctors

If you are considering LASIK, our expert doctors will provide you with a more thorough explanation of the entire procedure. To schedule a consultation, please call (714) 842-0651.