While it is natural for a patient to feel somewhat apprehensive before any type of eye surgery, the LASIK procedure is relatively straightforward and does not cause pain or even discomfort. That’s why if you were on the fence about LASIK due to fear of discomfort, those worries are laid to rest. Surgeons at California’s renowned Clarity Eye Group describe what happens during the LASIK procedure.  

Getting Ready

Prior to the surgery, your eyelids and lashes will be cleaned. A mild sedative may be given and then anesthetic drops are applied to numb the eye for comfort. This makes the eyes numb in seconds, so you should not feel much of anything once the laser surgery starts. LASIK surgery is performed while the patient is awake. The doctor may administer additional eye drops just before using the laser. The effects of the numbing drops wear off within 30 minutes, but by that time the LASIK surgery is completed. 

Keeping the Eyes Open

What a patient might feel, although it is not uncomfortable, is the instrument used to keep the eyes open during the operation. The eye drops used for numbing do not extend to the eyelids. If you use contact lenses, your eyelids will likely feel the way they do when you hold them open to place the contact lens within. 

During Surgery 

During surgery — which lasts only about 40 seconds per eye — the patient may feel some slight pressure when the surgeon uses a suction tool to create a corneal flap in the process of corneal reshaping. If there is any part of the procedure that might cause some discomfort, this is usually it. You are asked to look at a light when the laser is in use, but you should not feel the treatment per se. 

After Surgery 

After surgery, many patients report slight discomfort, perhaps accompanied by some tearing or mild burning sensation. These feelings should subside within a few hours. These minor symptoms are actually indicative of eye healing. It is vital to rest the eyes for a few days after the procedure. 

Within six to eight hours post-surgery, however, you should notice changes in your vision for the better. Many patients report improved vision immediately after the surgery is finished. 

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