When patients finally decide to try LASIK to correct their refractive errors and limit their dependency on prescription lenses, they often ask our ophthalmology team when the right time is to schedule their surgery. In truth, the elite doctors at Clarity Eye Group perform LASIK successfully throughout the year, so there is certainly no “wrong” time to schedule it. Nevertheless, we have observed that patients find the winter months to be one of the most convenient times, so that may be extra incentive to finally schedule your refractive surgery. Here are some reasons why:

Ample Vacation Time

Winter has many holidays, including Christmas, New Year’s Day and Presidents’ Day. Since both the surgery and recovery are quick (with most patients seeing well enough to resume normal activities within a day or two), you can strategically schedule your procedure so that you do not need to take time off from work. By planning around a long weekend, you can save for your vacation days for an actual trip later.

Another consideration is that you will need some assistance in your first day of recovery. In addition to needing someone to drive you home after the surgery, you will probably find it helpful to have someone to help take care of you (such as cooking your meals and guiding you to the bathroom) during your brief period of visual impairment. Enlisting a friend or relative with the same holiday off makes this help seem like less of an imposition.

You Already Stay Indoors

You’re probably outside constantly during the warmer months, but winter is practically made for keeping cozy indoors. Since you were probably planning to spend more time inside anyway, the idea of resting on your couch or in bed for a day or two probably doesn’t seem like a sacrifice.

Although LASIK’s recovery restrictions are minimal, your ophthalmologist will encourage you to stay away from activities like swimming and contact sports for the first few weeks. These constraints will have the least impact on your life during the colder, winter months.  

Lack of Seasonal Allergies

Many Americans suffer from seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever. Plant pollen can trigger symptoms like itchy eyes, congestion and coughing. Ultimately, it depends on the type of plant whether this pollen is released into the air during the spring, summer or autumn months, but the good news is that winter is devoid of seasonal allergy triggers.

Therefore, if you have LASIK during the winter, you can be sure that your eyes will not already be (or become) irritated due to seasonal allergies. Although eye doctors discourage you from rubbing your eyes at any time, it is especially important to avoid this activity for a few weeks after having LASIK since it can disrupt your eye’s recovery, particularly the corneal flap. Removing seasonal allergies from the equation should help limit your urge to rub your eyes.  

Speak to an Ophthalmologist

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