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Information on Common Eye Conditions – Clarity Eye Group
Serving Orange County, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Long Beach, Westminster

At Clarity Eye Group, we believe education is important when it comes to protecting your eyes from various problems and conditions. Our experienced doctors treat a host of eye conditions, from relatively common disorders and diseases that affect many as they grow older to less common eye and eyelid diseases that can lead to permanent blindness unless they are effectively treated at an early stage.

Eye Conditions

Besides refractive errors and eye diseases, vision can be affected by any number of common eye conditions, some of which are quite serious and can lead to blindness if left untreated. Clarity Eye Group’s eye care professionals have many years’ experience diagnosing and treating various eye conditions. Renowned as leading Orange County cataract treatment experts, they also help patients suffering from the following conditions:

Eyelid Conditions

The eyelid, which protects the eye and distributes tears to clean and lubricate the eye, can develop various conditions. Clarity Eye Group’s experienced surgeons have helped numerous Orange County, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Fountain Valley patients suffering from the following eyelid conditions:

If you have noticed changes in your vision, please contact Clarity Eye Group today to schedule a personal consultation with one of our highly experienced cataracts and LASIK Orange County surgeons. They have many years’ experience diagnosing and treating a range of eye conditions, including cataracts. In fact, Clarity Eye Group’s surgeons are renowned as some of the best cataract surgeons implanting Crystalens, Tecnis and ReStor IOLs in Orange County / Huntington Beach.

Clarity Eye Group
19671 Beach Blvd. Suite 400, Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Phone: (714) 842-0651

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