Thanks to rapidly evolving technology, the team at Clarity Eye Group is now able to offer our patients clear vision with spectacle independence after cataract surgery. Depending on the intraocular lens (IOL) you select, you could recapture vision that was better than what you had before cataracts!

Reduce Dependence on Glasses With Lifestyle Lenses

Over the past decade or so, our cataract surgeons have witnessed an exciting evolution in the area of IOL technology.

In the past, cataract patients had few IOL choices. They were forced to settle for monofocal IOLs, which provide clear vision at a single predetermined point (either near or distance). Many patients opted to have their monofocal IOLs set for distance vision, and had to wear glasses for tasks that require near or intermediate vision.

Let’s look at what choosing a monofocal IOL would mean for a task as routine as driving to the grocery store. If you had a monofocal IOL set for distance vision, you would be able to see the road while driving, but you would need glasses in order to clearly see closer objects, like your dashboard or side mirrors.

Another limitation of older IOLs is that they do not correct for pre-existing vision conditions such as astigmatism. If you have astigmatism and selected a monofocal IOL, you would need to wear glasses for astigmatism correction.

Fortunately, modern technology has led to the development of multifocal or lifestyle lenses. These groundbreaking lenses are engineered to provide clear vision at multiple distances, reducing or even eliminating the need to wear glasses after cataract surgery. When driving, lifestyle lenses can give you the clear vision you need to confidently see the road, your dashboard and side mirrors at the same time, without any decline in visual quality. Lifestyle lenses are also available in toric versions, which are specifically designed to correct for astigmatism.

The newest lenses, such as the PanOptix IOL, provide a seamless range of vision with the fewest side effects (e.g., glare or halos around lights).

Find the Right Fit for Your Needs

At Clarity Eye Group, our team believes that your eyes and visual goals are completely unique. We offer a selection of IOL options, each with their own advantages and limitations. As we plan your cataract surgery, we will perform tests to assess your visual needs and learn about your lifestyle and favorite hobbies. Our doctors will go over all of your IOL choices with you and help you find the option that works best for your visual needs and lifestyle. If one of your goals is to reduce or possibly eliminate dependence on glasses after surgery, we can suggest the perfect multifocal or lifestyle IOL.

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