For patients at Clarity Eye Group, the recovery from cataract surgery is usually a relatively quick experience. If you are planning to undergo surgery, rest assured that you will not be “out of commission” from your normal routine for very long.

Nevertheless, our doctors want to set the record straight that cataract surgery is a serious matter and there are certain guidelines in place to ensure your eyes heal properly. Read on as we explain what to expect after cataract surgery.

How Will You Feel After Surgery?

Immediately following your surgery, you may feel groggy or a bit tired from the anesthesia. Within a short time, you should start to feel more alert and energetic. It is best to rest and relax for the remainder of the day and not make any big plans for the next few days so you have time to fully recuperate.

During the first week or so after surgery, eye irritation, itching or mild discomfort are completely normal. Your eyes might feel sensitive to light, and they may appear red or bloodshot. All of the aftereffects should subside in the days and weeks following your operation.

Aftercare Instructions

Our team will give you a complete list of aftercare instructions to prevent post-operative complications. For example, you will be asked to take certain medications, wear an eye shield while sleeping and refrain from touching or putting pressure on your eyes or getting them wet. Lifting heavy objects or engaging in strenuous exercise is also discouraged during your initial recovery. We will advise you to keep your eyelid and eyelashes clean to reduce the risk of infection.

Easing Back Into Your Regular Routine

You can expect to resume light reading, computer work and television watching a few hours after your surgery. We will clear you to resume driving when your vision is clear enough. Most of our patients go back to work within a few days of surgery.

Adjusting To Your New IOL

Expect a slight adjustment period as your eye gets used to your new IOL. Blurry or slightly distorted vision is normal; some patients describe vision that looks “wavy.” You may also see glare or halos around bright lights (like streetlights) at night. Be patient — visual recovery is just around the corner! Within the first week or two of surgery, you should notice your vision improving.

Following all of your post-operative instructions is the best way to promote a smooth, speedy recovery. Our doctors are here for you at any time if you have questions about your aftercare instructions, or if you are unsure about what tasks are permitted after surgery. We also ask that you attend all scheduled follow-up visits so we can monitor your recovery.

To speak with our doctors about cataract surgery, please call or email us today.